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Backing Up Your Data

By on Jul 8, 2015 | 0 comments

Data is important to any home user or business, and losing it can spell disaster, which is why it is important to always have backups of your files and information!

Let’s begin with a simple question: How important your data is to you? Think of all the information you have in your computers: all your databases, spreadsheets, documents, files, projects, emails, software, pictures–and think of how valuable they are to your life and/or business. Now try to imagine it all disappearing in an instant. What would happen to your company (or your spouse)? What would you say to your clients or family members? You’d have to start from scratch– and would you even have the capability to do so right away?

For most business and home users, if not all, the result of a sudden and immediate loss of data would be devastating. Operations would be crippled, and productivity would grind to a halt. For businesses, they rely on soft data and losing that data, simply put, prevents them from working on anything–at least until the data can be recovered or the system goes up again, and in some cases, they’d have to start from scratch again. For home users: imagine losing ALL the childhood pictures of your kids and memories with your loved ones!

The difficulty of starting with virtually nothing is obvious. Things look a little brighter when you go the data recovery route, but the effects are just as debilitating to daily operations. For one thing, data recovery is not an exact science. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, all the data can be recovered, but many just a few tidbits of it can be retrieved, and sometimes you might get nothing at all. To top that off, data recovery is a long and expensive procedure, especially if you have a lot of data.

What is the solution then? Simple: back up your data. Data backup services are much cheaper than data recovery services, and if you lose your data, you have something solid and reliable to fall back on. Data backups are probably one of the most neglected aspects of data management for many businesses AND home users these days– but it is also one of the most essential ones. Some companies and home users think that it’s a waste of time and resources. But in the long term not only do you pay a fraction of the cost of data recovery to have your information backed up, you also prevent your business or home life from suffering if you lose everything.

You never know what events might happen that compromise your data. Natural disasters, accidents, and simple hardware failure can occur when you least expect it to, so it is only prudent and it’s responsible to make sure that your data is safely backed up. There are MANY inexpensive solutions: talk to The Docs today!