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Tips to Help Keep Your Computer from Running Slow

By on Sep 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Unless brand new, chances are your computer is running slower than it used to. Your computer may be doing things you don’t want it to, or applications and webpages may take forever to load–all common signs that you might need to do a little routine maintenance OR you might require more extensive work. The longer you wait to fix these issues, the slower your computer may become, so here are some tips to get your computer up and running like it used to again!

  • Reboot– It is best for your computer or laptop to reboot (turn OFF then ON again) from time to time. Clearing your “cache” and any background processing activity on your computer will help clear up some disk space so it can run faster. Avoid force shutting down your computer or laptop while it’s in mid-process since it will create directory and file permission issues in the future.
  • Hard Drive Space– Make sure to have adequate hard drive space. At least 20% space should be available, and you can always get an inexpensive external hard drive if you have files or images you would like to save instead deleting them.
  • Be Aware of Overheating– Don’t use a laptop on ANYTHING except a HARD surface, and blow dust off and out of your equipment. Debris and dust can cause overheating of your laptop (and desktop) and can cause serious problems. NEVER use a laptop on carpet, couches or comforters/bed!
  • Computer Maintenance– Computers are like cars, both need maintenance to make sure they will run properly. It is best to leave it to a professional to run diagnostic and repair software on your computer. By having an IT professional you will be able to fix any present issues and prevent future problems from occurring.

With these quick tips you may be able to make your computer run faster than it did before. BUT, if you are still running into the problems, contact an IT professional like The Digital Docs, and we can repair your computer to run like new again without the hassle! Ultimately, taking your device to a professional will save you expensive and annoying downtime and emergency repairs! Call The Digital Docs and make an appointment today at 781-639-6070.